Great rescues
Kim's Ark
A well organized great rat rescue based in New England. Be sure to check out the Ark Store!
Rheinlander Rat Rescue
A small not for profit rat rescue located in northern WI run by loving caring people. Take a look!
The Ratster--Rat & Mouse Directory
A state by state directory of breeders & rescues.
Rattie Resources
Rat Guide
The Rat Fan Club
Rat & Mouse Club of America
North American Rat & Mouse Club Intl.
Rat Paradise
A very fun & comprehensive site for everything rattie. Home of the Rat Mart. Please check it out!
Disaster & Emergency Tips
Excellent info from the North Shore Animal League of NY.
VPI Pet Insurance
VPI Avian & Exotic Plan for Exotic Pets
Rattie Health Yahoo Group
This group is a terrific resource for people with rat health questions and concerns. It's well worth joining.
Pamper Your Rat
Great hammocks and other stuff for you and your rattie. Please look!
A terrific site about wild & domesticated rats. An excellent chart of info on fostering babies.
Pilgrim's Natural Pet Care
A great UK based natural pet care merchant. A good source for ordering MYCOPLEX. Excellent service.
Rat Mad
Great rattie products from the UK!
Rattie Meet Up Group NYC
A group of NYC (and environs) rat lovers that meet for lunch every month. Great folks!
Jag Wear Jewelry
Wonderful hand made jewelry--glass rat charms made of your rats. Please take a look!
Critter Creations
An eBay store selling wonderful hammocks tubes and cubes. Excellent products, excellent service & excellent prices!
Socar Miles art
Beautiful and original fantasty art, many with rat themes.
And eBay store selling all kinds of small animal supplies at terrific prices. Excellent service too!
Pet Rats Canada
Primarily for Canadian pet rat owners.
The Agile Rat
Very interesting site with an emphasis on rat agility & training. They have nice things for sale too.
The Rat Shop
Great for buying everything rattie!
King's River Life: Rodent Articles

Check out wonderful articles on pet rats, rescues and other rodents.

Brat Rat Beds
Adorable site selling hammocks beds etc.
Martin's Cages
Excellent source for cages for rats and many other critters.
Society of Michigan Rat Fanciers
Great Groups & Forums
Clubrats2 Yahoo Group
The Illustrated Rat Yahoo Group
This is my Yahoo Group, filled with caring and fun people. Check it out!
Rat Lovers United Yahoo Group
The NE Ratlovers Yahoo Group
The Rat Fan Club Yahoo Group
The Rat Adoption Yahoo Group
Personal Sites Well Worth Visiting
Lil Ratscals Rattery
Home of the Ontario branch of the RMCA and some amazingly cute rats!
Mischief's Rat Rescue
Great site from the UK.
Hero Rats
A website devoted to the Gambian pouched rats that detect land mines in Africa. They have a very cute and informative site! Sponsor a rat today!
A delightful site where rats are the artists! Go and see their paintings! You'll love it!!
A delightful site with rats & other critters. You MUST see the gallery of rat yawns!
Gottaspoilem Furkid Designs & Rodentary
Shadow Brook Rodentry
The Dapper Rat
Great site from the UK.
Rodents R Us
Check out the great photography!
Loving Arms Rattery
Very comprehensive rattery site. Great things include Marci's Pet Bakery, safe & forbidden foods for rats and health care info.
Art of Egyptian Rats
Original and wonderful rat drawings!
Nim Nim's Rat Rats
Very cute site from the UK,
Nim's excellent rat information website. Very well done!
Cove Rattery
A small rattery located in Michigan.
Ratsalot Rattery & Rescue
The Zoo Tribe Rattery
Florida rattery. Very nice web site!